== PostgreSQL Daily News - April 01 2007 ==

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Тема: == PostgreSQL Daily News - April 01 2007 ==
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== PostgreSQL Daily News - April 01 2007 ==

PostgreSQL 10.0, now called PREGRES, was released today.  Some new
features include:

- Close integration with libdwim.

- De-supporting SQL.  Postgres will now use POSTQUEL exclusively.
  "Eleven years of SQL is enough," said Bruce Momjian,  "It's time to
  get back to our roots."

- A new table type: PgISAM.  Rather than using the cumbersome and
  complicated MVCC model, it simply acquires global database locks on
  read and write.  "It took ten years to create a benchmark that would
  make this one look good," said Peter Eisentraut, in explanation for
  the delay.

Devrim GUNDUZ has left Command Prompt for Oracle.  "I sold my soul for
money," he cackled.

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

Products?  We don't need no steenkin' products!

== PostgreSQL Jobs for April ==


== PostgreSQL Local ==

Registration is open for PGCon 2007

== PostgreSQL in the News ==

PostgreSQL 10.0 is the new engine for all of Microsoft's operations.

== Applied Patches ==

The CVS server is now open for public write access.  Go to it!

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