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Ok, It's VERY simple =) here:

I could dump it to a spare machine, but I don't have one.
Current DB server is 2xXEON / 4GbRAM / RAID10 (4 SCSI HDD). Performance is excellent, except during backups.

I wanted to set up some kind of replication but it's useless - I don't have a spare machine now, may be in future...

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 12:44:45 +0000
Richard Huxton <> wrote:

> That's an interesting solution, and I'd guess people might like to see
> it posted to the list if it's not too big.
> Also, there's no reason you have to dump from the same machine, you can
> do so over the network which should reduce activity a little bit.
> Basically though, it sounds like you either need more disk I/O or a
> different approach.
> Have you looked into using PITR log-shipping or replication (e.g. slony)
> to have an off-machine backup?

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