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Community members:

Today, Sun announced that they would be supporting and shipping PostgreSQL
as a part of Solaris distribution.  The press release should be here very
soon, if it's not already:

This should come as no surprise to the hackers in our community who've
noticed an increasing number of addresses on the pgsql-hackers
list in the last few months.  Sun's support for PostgreSQL will involve:
help in optimizing for Solaris; DTrace; Solaris packages; sponsorship of
community members and projects; and direct contributions/advice from Sun
engineers on database performance.   More later as this stuff actually
gets rolling.

I think almost everyone here will agree with me that Sun is a very welcome
addition to our community of corporate supporters.

--Josh Berkus

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Project Core Team

(all opinions expressed are my own; I do not speak
 for the Project unless specifically noted.)

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