== PostgreSQL Weekly News - September 18 2005 ==

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Тема: == PostgreSQL Weekly News - September 18 2005 ==
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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - September 18 2005 ==

Beta 2 is out!  The more you test it, the faster and cleaner 8.1.0
will arrive.

Martijn van Oosterhout started a lively discussion on ORDER BY which
tied back to Tom Lane's proposal to change the way operator classes
are defined.  Look for COLLATION ordering in 8.2.

Tom Lane started a lively discussion on spinlocks, which he says have
started to become a performance bottleneck.

You can find more about spinlocks at

Dave Page has suggested folding pgsql-hackers-win32 into
pgsql-hackers, signaling Win32's maturity as a PostgreSQL platform.

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

Oryx 0.98 Released

GNUmed 0.1 released

Slony-I on Windows coming soon

== PostgreSQL in the News ==

The Dutch government is using PostgreSQL in a large deployment.

IT Director has an overview of open source data warehousing

Bruce Momjian on his trip to Sri Lanka
    Last week I attended the FOSSSL05 conference in Sri Lanka.  It was
    part of a national open source week in that country, which was
    planned to foster open source development projects and software
    use.  The conference included speakers from PHP, Red Hat, MySQL,
    Debian, and Apache projects.  I gave a general talk about
    PostgreSQL, and a tutorial about PostgreSQL internals.

    After the conference, we were hosted to tour the country's many
    natural and historic sites.  I even took a one-hour elephant ride.
    Here is a picture with me with some elephants,
    It was quite an amazing trip.

General Bits: http://www.varlena.com/GeneralBits/
Handy Little Functions, Error Ignoring, "Radio Buttons" and ODBC

PostgreSQL Weekly News is brought to you this week by David Fetter
Devrim Gunduz, Bruce Momjian, Josh Berkus, Peter Eisentraut and Bernd

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