== PostgreSQL Weekly News - September 11 2005 ==

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Тема: == PostgreSQL Weekly News - September 11 2005 ==
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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - September 11 2005 ==

Tom Lane has created a way to register PL languages.  One consequence
of this will be that it will be possible to drop the 'public' schema,
as some prefer to do.  Another is cleaner pg_dump(all)s that work

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

PyGreSQL v3.7 released

== PostgreSQL in the News ==

Josh Berkus is now writing for ITToolBox.com.

EnterpriseDB gets $7 million in venture funding.

The Open Source Database Conference (http://www.opendbcon.net/) will
be November 8 and 9 in Frankfurt, Germany.   A number of PostgreSQL
luminaries, including Peter Eisentraut, Gavin Sherry, Hans-Juergen
Schoenig, Arnulf Christl and Josh Berkus, will give talks about topics
like PostgreSQL 8.1, Slony-II architecture, and Bizgres.  This
conference immediately succeeds the International PHP Conference, so
book your Frankfurt accommodations now.

General Bits: http://www.varlena.com/GeneralBits/

PostgreSQL Weekly News is brought to you this week by David Fetter,
Josh Berkus, Devrim Gunduz and Brobdignanian

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