'Fastest' PC's are slowest in the house

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Тема: 'Fastest' PC's are slowest in the house
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I have five PC's accessing a PG database that is mounted on a Dell Windows 2003 server.  The PC's are accessing the database with a Fujitsu cobol program via ODBC (all machines have same (newest) ODBC driver from PG).  2 of the machines are the newest I have and both pretty identically configured but are very slow by comparison to the others.  My colleagues and I are still in the exploration / decision process, we have been working with and learning the database about 2 months.
I'm looking to see if anyone knows of O/S or hardware issues right off the bat or can recommend a debug method, log checking, etc. path we might follow.
The program in question reads the PG database and displays matching query results on a cobol screen, for the point of this topic that is all it is doing.  We run the same query from each PC which returns 15 records out of a 6,000 record customer DB.
The machines:
- 2 are 2.0 Ghz Dells with 512 Ram & XP SP2 - they take just over 2 minutes
- 1 AMD 2.4 with 256 Ram & XP SP2 - just under 2 secs.
- 1 AMD 900 Mhz with 256 Ram & XP SP 1 - just under 2 secs
- 1 Intel 266 Mhz with 256 Ram & Windows 2000 - 11-13 secs
Justin Davis
Rapid Systems, Inc.

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