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Hannu Krosing wrote:
> > Which is why (hate to beat a dead horse) many OSS projects have moved
> > to 6 month release cycles.
> Well, it is a two-sided thing. On one hand, businesses usually need new
> features "yesterday", but on the other hand, business would loose most
> of the benefit of getting the feature fast, if it is not included in the
> main branch along the road, preferrably in the next official release,
> because said business would be dependent of the implementor of his
> specific feature for integrating _all_ other new and desirable fetures
> of next releas in their specific version of postgres.

Yes, you can bet that will happen.  You can also bet that the community
release will have 2X more feature additions than any commercial release
that is a version behind unless _huge_ sums of money are thrown at the
commercial release.

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