== PostgreSQL Weekly News - March 19 2005 ==

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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - March 19 2005 ==

Mark Rae did some tests on SMP scaling for PostgreSQL and found that
CVS TIP is an improvement over 8.0.1.  Details in this thread:

Christopher Kings-Lynne has developed a set of new PHP access function
for PostgreSQL to support our v3 protocol, which should improve
performance of PostgreSQL-PHP.  There was a small legal hitch with the
requirement to re-license parts of the PostgreSQL documentation to
PHP, but that's being resolved.

Satoshi Nagayasu volunteered to work on the "Read-Only Database" TODO

There was an extensive, around how to invalidate cached query plans
which have outlived their usefulness.  The product of this was Neil
Conway proposing work on a query planner overhaul that would store its
plan in a fashion that interferes less with our plan caching; however,
the exact architecture of this is not yet determined.

Magnus Hagander has written an addition to the website to database the
PostgreSQL Consultants List
(http://techdocs.postgresql.org/companies.php) and integrate it with
the main web site.   This should be up in a couple of weeks.   If you
are a PostgreSQL consulting company, please e-mail 
with any updates to your information on the referenced page.

Development of a full-featured OLE-DB driver for PostgreSQL proceeds
full speed ahead, let by Shachar Shemesh.

Merlin Moncure proposed a patch to hide the function source in the
pg_proc table from unprivileged users, which was opposed by Tom Lane
(rejected, basically) for being an incomplete solution.  The idea is
back to the drawing board for a better implementation.

Tom Lane has discovered that the patch to pg_was he added for 8.0 to
detect a dead lockfile situation on startup was inadequate and is
being re-written.

Michael Fuhr discovered the following cryptic remark in our source
    From src/backend/tcop/postgres.c:
     /* they only drink coffee at dec */
If you know what this comment means, please mail  and
we'll publish your explanation next week.

Tom Lane proposed an implementation of a "Local Buffers" feature to
allow allocation of per-user buffers specifically for holding
temporary tables.

The pgsql-performance mailing list had extensive discussions on the
query planner parameter model, how to read a query plan, and
correlated cost estimation for multi-column indexes.

WWPI (Weekly Windows Port Issue):
Andrew Dunstan reported that contrib/pg_buffercache is apparently
broken on Windows.  A patch for the issue was posted but has not yet
been tested/merged.

Adrian Nida wrote a document elucidating PAM authentication for

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

Bricolage 1.8.5 released.

New pgExpress Driver v3.0 released.

PostgreSQL RPM Building Project has announced new RPM sets for many
platforms.  Also, SuSE RPMs are on PostgreSQL FTP sites and its

DataKiosk 0.6 released.  DataKiosk is a JuK-like database interface
tool for generic SQL databases.

EMS PostgreSQL Data Pump, DB Comparer and Extract released.

Oryx Mailstore 0.92 is a mail archive server that uses PostgreSQL.
See http://www.oryx.com/mailstore/0.92.html and .../overview.html

Microolap Technologies Ltd is proud to announce the availability of
version 2.0 of "PostgresDAC", Delphi and C++ Builder components for
direct access to PostgreSQL.

Big Nerd Ranch is offering PostgreSQL training the week of April 18 -
22.  Their comprehensive PostgreSQL Bootcamp is taught in a
retreat-like setting near Atlanta, GA.

== PostgreSQL in the News ==

Core member Josh Berkus's interview with Mad Penguin on PostgreSQL
adoption.  It got a mention on Slashdot.

Coming this week in General Bits:  A Unix Hacker's Windows Experience;
Preventing Key Updates; Capsule Summary of Josh Berkus' Open Source

This week on www.powerpostgreqsl.com: Josh Berkus classifies FLOSS

PostgreSQL Weekly News brought to you this week by David Fetter, Josh
Berkus and Elein Mustain.

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