== PostgreSQL Weekly News - Februrary 23rd 2004 ==

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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - February 23rd 2004 ==

        The biggest news of the week was probably the pre-announcement of both
7.3.6 and 7.4.2 releases that should be made available in the next few weeks.
We are likely to see some back-patching this week into the 7.3.x branch, so
keep an eye out for the full changelog that will be included along with each
release announcement.

        Meanwhile work continues on 7.5 of course. Following up on some work
from the previous week, we can now make use of statistics on index
expressions. Functionality to log disconnections was added into the
postgresql.conf log options. Some inconsistencies in the error messages
received with incorrect input to the oid type were cleared up. Some
significant improvements to the supporting documentation for the cost based
vacuum delay feature were added; if you're curious about this feature you
might want to check out the developer docs.  After quite a bit of discussion
on -hackers, psql's input scanner was rewritten to use a flex-generated
lexer, which is used on both SQL command text and backslash commands. This
should make it easier to track the backend's SQL lexer behavior since nearly
identical flex rules are now used in psql. On the win32 front, a patch
implementing settimer() was implemented which means deadlock detection and
statement_timeout are now functional for win32.

        Several enhancements to the contrib module dbmirror were incorporated
including replication of sequence operations via setval/nextval, support for
logging to syslog, support for writing SQL statements to files instead of
directly to a slave database, and the addition of several new options within
the config files.

        Finally the web team would like to report that we now have RSS feeds
of project news from GBorg available at http://gborg.postgresql.org/news.rss.
You can view the feed in your favorite RSS tool (evolution has this ability)
and we are hoping to get this feed carried by other Open Source web sites (if
you want to help on the latter please post a note to the -advocacy mailing
list). Many thanks go out to David Costa from www.dotgeek.org for donating
time and code to help get this working, hopefully soon we will have official
RSS feeds of the main PostgreSQL news and events as well.

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

SCO unveils OpenServer Update Pack 2

pgin.tcl-2.0.0 released

Make Database Reporting Easier with pgexport 0.9.1

OLE DB initial version uploaded

DBD::Pg 1.3.2 Now in Beta Testing

== PostgreSQL In the News ==

Comparing PostgreSQL to a "Big Proprietary Database"

== Upcoming Events ==

Chemnitzer Linux-Tag: Chemnitz, Germany: March 6-7
Peter Eisentraut will organize a table and will make a presentation

== PostgreSQL Weekly News - February 23rd 2004 ==
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