== PostgreSQL Weekly News - February 16th 2004 ==

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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - February 16th 2004 ==

        Another exciting, action-packed week of PostgreSQL development has
come and gone. Work included a number of cleanup improvements to recent
changes, some work on new features, and bug fixing at a minimum; but enough
generalizing, let's get to it.

        Tom Lane completed a restructuring of the storage manager, cleaning up
the API and improving efficiency. The implementation of delay code was
centralized with a pg_usleep() subroutine and the vacuum cost-based-delay
patch was extended to apply to Vacuum Full, Analyze, and non-btree index
vacuuming. Several crosstype comparison operators for date vs. timestamp vs
timestamptz, which should allow the use of expressional indexes like datecol
>= date 'today' - interval '1 month'.  We also are now collecting statistics
on expressional indexes via ANALYZE, though some work still needs to be done
to get the planner to use them. Finally, a bug that prevented thread locking
and *_r functions from being used was fixed in ecpg and should be in the next
7.4 series release.

        We also saw some movement on PITR this week. A header record was added
to each WAL file, to allow them to be reliably identified. We now avoid
splitting WAL records across segment files, and we now make WAL entries for
file creation, deletion, and truncation. This work should give the basics for
building the true PITR implementation, discussion of which continues on the
pgsql-hackers-pitr mailing list.

        Last on our list this week is the release of a pdf copy of the
PostgreSQL Manual. Thanks to Kris Jurka who took the time to get the compile
issues worked out, you can find a copy at http://www.postgresql.org/docs/

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

Dot-nz software open-sourced

PostgreSQL-relay 1.2 (Default) Released

== PostgreSQL In the News ==

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== Upcoming Events ==

Chemnitzer Linux-Tag: Chemnitz, Germany: March 6-7
Peter Eisentraut will organize a table and will make a presentation

== PostgreSQL Weekly News - February 16th 2004 ==
Don't forget to read Elein Mustain's Weekly Summary of the PostgreSQL
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