Hub.Org Networking Services & PostgreSQL.Org Moving ...

От: Marc G. Fournier
Тема: Hub.Org Networking Services & PostgreSQL.Org Moving ...
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Letter to our clients regarding recent service interruptions at Hub.Org
Networking Services ("Hub")

We apologize for the inconvenience that recent service outages at our
co-location facility in Toronto have caused all our customers.

As you may be aware, Hub experienced a 36 hour service interruption over
the weekend. As a result of the problems that caused this outage, and
other difficulties we have encountered in providing you with reliable and
prompt 24/7 response at the current location, Hub will be moving to new
hosting facilities to improve your services.

This week we will begin transferring all our online services from the
current provider in Toronto to Rackspace Managed Hosting site in San
Antonio. This will result in dramatically improved online performance,
much more reliable hardware, and substantially faster response times if
problems occur. Those improved service promises will be reflected in new
service/hosting agreements.

The move will be done securely by electronic transfer from the current
location to the new equipment and facilities. It will require several
hours to complete, which we will attempt to schedule as an overnight
transfer later this week. It may result in some additional downtime this
week for your site, which we will advise you of in advance so you can more
effectively plan and manage for that event.

What you can expect from this change:
- tighter/faster turnaround for resolution of problems with the server
- higher data rates for websites and file transfers

We truly appreciate the patience and cooperation of all our clients during
the past several weeks, and during this period of transition.

The Hub.Org Networking Team

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