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Was going to just bounce this to the list, but the last thing we want is
to flame those looking for ppl with PgSQL skills,and I know some of you
will end up doing that, so flame me if you want ... but if anyone is
intereste *and* qualifiedd, email her :)

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Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 14:00:32 -0400
From: "Crystal, Jennifer" <>
Subject: Postgre SQL Database Developer - Chicago, IL

Hi, my name is Jennifer Crystal and I am a Technical Recruiter with the
Lucas Group.  I found your email address on the PostgreSQL website and was
wondering if you might know someone who would be interested in the following

Postgre SQL Database Developer - Chicago, IL

Solid experience with PgSQL programming on PostgreSQL ORBMS on a Linux
Platform.  Candidate will build a prototype of the CNS Drug Database that
will be migratable to Oracle and DB2.  This database contains the drug
effects on glucose metabolism of both known and novel CNS (Central Nervous
System) drugs.  The company expects that the database will provide a
valuable resource to pharmaceutical developers as a screening tool for
therapeutic profiles, side effect profiles, and dosing regimens for new drug
development, based on known drug effect characteristics. To date, the
company has collected data in several major classes of CNS pharmaceuticals.
The database contains processed OMEI� image data mapped in coordinate
computer space as statistical metabolic end-effect profiles.

If you know someone who might be interested, please have them contact me at
800-466-4489 x171 or email their resume to .

I appreciate your help!


Jennifer Crystal
Senior Recruiter - IT/Engineering
Recruiting Excellence Since 1970

3384 Peachtree Road, Suite 700
Atlanta, GA 30326
404-239-5630 x171
800-466-4489 x171

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