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I have written a database session monitor for PostgreSQL.  Attached is
the README file that contains information on where to get it and what it


                              P G   M O N I T O R

pgmonitor (version 0.21, 2001-03-16)

The main web site for pgmonitor is:

You can download the most recent version from

This tool allows monitoring of PostgreSQL activity.  It requires Tcl/Tk
8.0 or later.  It may require modification of the 'ps' flags for certain
platforms.  It is known to run on *BSD, Linux, and HPUX.

Pgmonitor only works when run on the database server machine.  To use it
remotely, log into the remote machine, set the DISPLAY variable to point
to your local X server, and start pgmonitor.  Pgmonitor will then run on
the remote machine, but will display on your local machine.

Pgmonitor uses 'ps' to display backend process activity.  It uses 'gdb'
to display running queries, and 'kill' to cancel queries and terminate
database connections.

Pgmonitor stores your most recent refresh and sort settings in the file
~/.pgmonitor.  This file is used to reload your defaults every time
pgmonitor is started.

If you are running PostgreSQL 7.1 or earlier, the 'query' button will
not work unless you compile PostgreSQL with debug symbols (-g), or apply
the supplied patch 'query_display.diff' and recompile PostgreSQL.  The
later method is recommended.

Bruce Momjian <>

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