PostgreSQL PHP Generator 10.3 released

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SQL Maestro Group announces the release of PostgreSQL PHP Generator 10.3, a
powerful GUI frontend that allows you to generate high-quality PHP scripts
for the selected PostgreSQL tables, views and queries for the further
working with these objects through the web.

Online demo:

PostgreSQL PHP Generator comes in both Freeware and Professional editions.
The feature matrix can be found at

Please note that before April 11 you can purchase Professional Edition of
PHP Generator and all other our products and bundles with a 20% discount.
Happy Easter!

New features:

1. The Autocomplete Editor has been implemented. After entering something
into such a control, PHP Generator starts searching for matching entries and
displays a list of values to choose from. By entering more characters, the
user can filter down the list to better matches.

2. Starting with this version it is possible to use WYSIWYG Editor for text
fields that store an HTML code. Such a control provides an editing interface
which resembles how the data will be displayed in a web browser in the
generated app. Because using a WYSIWYG editor does not require any HTML
knowledge, they are easier for an average computer user to get started with.

3. Support for horizontal filters has been added. The filters allow you to
restrict number of records returned without necessary to create a
query-based page and provide custom SQLs for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

4. Nested master-detail presentations have been implemented. Such
presentations are very useful for displaying data with multilevel
master/detail relationships (for example, conference/division/team/player).

5. Starting with this version it is possible to define key columns for views
and updatable queries. By default (if not defined manually) the key includes
all the non-BLOB columns.

6. Support for right-to-left languages (such as Arabic and Hebrew) has been
added. Text direction can be specified for a concrete page, for a whole
project or even at the application level (for all the projects).

7. The read-only attribute has been added to the column properties. Values
of such columns are displayed at the Edit and Insert pages but they cannot
be changed.

8. Support for project-level data manipulation events has been added
(OnBeforeInsertRecord, OnBeforeUpdateRecord, OnBeforeDeleteRecord). These
events allow you to share the same logic for all the insert, update and
delete operations executed from the project pages. Also we have implemented
the OnAfterLogin event to allow you to track user activity.

9. A lot of other useful things including default ordering for page records,
hints for the column headers, pictograms for adding/editing/deleting
records, updated image viewer and calendar components, printing for single
records, controls for editing passwords, and so on.

Full press-release (with explaining screenshots) is available at:

Background information:
SQL Maestro Group offers complete database admin, development and management
tools for MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, SQLite, SQL Anywhere,
Firebird and MaxDB providing the highest performance, scalability and
reliability to meet the requirements of today's database applications.

Sincerely yours,
The SQL Maestro Group Team

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