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Vince, can you please make this change for me?

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> > > My concern comes from the fact that there's no multi-threading
> > support in
> > > PostgreSQL and since we expect many customers to be connected
> > at the same
> > > time on multiple connections, I am afraid the time to perform the SQL
> > > statements will be much longer, since they'll all be queued one
> > after the
> > > other. Therefore, if one query takes a long time, all the other
> > queries have
> > > to wait behind before being executed.
> > >
> > > Am I missing something or are my assumptions correct?
> > > Also, does PostgreSQL supports international characters?
> >
> > We certainly process multiple queries at the same time.  We are not
> > multi-threaded in the sense we don't run multiple queries inside the
> > same process.  Each connection gets its own process.
> >
> > I am interested to hear why you thought we only do one query at a time.
> > Is there some information we published or someone else published that
> > lead you to that conclusion.
> In the URL:
> the "Multi-threaded" and "Parallel Query" bullets are not active. I guess
> these words should be explained with a hyperlink to avoid confusion. You
> have such a great product, if I didn't register on the mailing list and
> posted this message, I would have been totally wrong in my assumptions, and
> looking at the history of the list, I am not the only one.
> Anyway, we are downloading PostgreSQL today and will port our SQL code to
> try it out.
> Thank you for your reply and clarification on this.
> Tiago

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