PostgreSQL 9.1alpha2 Now Available

От: Peter Eisentraut
Тема: PostgreSQL 9.1alpha2 Now Available
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The second alpha release for PostgreSQL version 9.1, 9.1alpha2, is now
available. This alpha release contains several new major features added
since the alpha1 release. Please download, install, and test it to give
us early feedback on the features being developed for the future
versions of PostgreSQL.

Features added in 9.1alpha2 since alpha1 include:

* Support for triggers on views to support programmable INSERT, UPDATE,
  and DELETE actions

* Modifiable enums: You may now add new values to ENUM data types
  without having to recreate the type or alter any dependent tables.

* WITH clauses on INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements. These allow users
  to update rows recursively or according to complex criteria that
  would have previously required procedural code.

* Support for using host names instead of IP addresses in pg_hba.conf.

* Updates to contrib/isn ISBN tables, supporting recent ISBN standards.

More detail is available in the release notes:

These new features mean that we need you to participate in testing them.
If you are able to help with organized alpha testing, please see the
Alpha/Beta testing page:

Alpha releases are not stable and should never be used in production;
they are for testing new features only. There is no guarantee that any
features or APIs present in the alphas will be present, or the same, in
the final release.

Alpha release information page:

Download the alpha release here:

Alpha releases are primarily made in source code form only. Binary
packages for some operating systems will be prepared in the coming days.

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