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On Tue, 2010-07-20 at 09:36 -0600, Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Hi All;
> we have a table partitioned by day, the check constraint on the child tables
> looks like this (this is the may 31st partition):
> (stime >= '2010-05-30 00:00:00+00'::timestamp with time zone
>   AND stime <= '2010-05-30 23:59:59+00'::timestamp with time zone)
> We have a python based app that creates code like this:
>                 select
>                  *
>                 from
>                     table_a a,
>                     table_b b,
>                     table_d d
>                 where =
>                     and =
>                     and stime >= timestamp %s at time zone \'UTC\'
>                     and stime < timestamp %s at time zone \'UTC\'
>                     and stime >= timestamp %s at time zone
>                     and stime < timestamp %s at time zone
>                    ...
> so here's my questions:
> 1) the above app generated query pshows up like this in pg_stat_activity:
> and stime >= timestamp E'2010-07-17' at time zone 'UTC'
> and stime < timestamp E'2010-07-21' at time zone 'UTC'
> and stime >= timestamp E'2010-07-18' at time zone
> and stime < timestamp E'2010-07-19' at time zone
> what's the E'date' from? and why does it show up this way?

That's E is an escape character.  Python is likely putting that in.

See -

> 2) the above query creates a plan that does a sequential scan & filter on
> every partition. Why won't it only hit the correct partitions? Is it due to
> the way the date was specified? or maybe the "at time zone" syntax?

Do you have constraint_exclusion turned on?

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