2nd set of PostgreSQL 9.0 Alpha4 RPMs are available.

От: Devrim GÜNDÜZ
Тема: 2nd set of PostgreSQL 9.0 Alpha4 RPMs are available.
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I just released 2nd set of RPMs for 4th Alpha of the upcoming 9.0

Changelog is:

- Move euc2004_sjis2004.so into server package. This explains why
initdb is broken when -contrib is not installed. Fixes #11.
- Improve/fix alternatives section

initdb problem was a blocker, that's why I released updated packages
immediately. Thanks Marc Fournier for bug report, and Tom Lane for the

Also, thanks to Konstantin Pelepelin for reporting problems on
alternatives issue.

These packages don't support upgrading from any of the previous alphas,
if you have all packages installed. I did not bother to fix it, since
this is just an alpha. A workaround is removing postgresql-contrib
package before running yum update.

Please note that these packages are **not** production ready.

They are built for Fedora 7,8,11,12 and RHEL/CentOS 4,5. Fedora 11
packages are currently on the testing phase, and they will be in the
repository in an hour.

We need more people to discover any bugs and test new features in 9.0
development version.

Here is the list of the new features in 9.0 development version:


As usual, please find detailed info about RPMs from:


Also, these packages will be distributed over the PostgreSQL FTP
network, later in the day:


A mini howto about 9.0 alpha release + RPMs are here:


Please report any packaging related errors to me. If you find any
PostgreSQL 9.0 bugs, please post them to  or
fill out this form:


SRPMs are also available.

PostgreSQL Danışmanı/Consultant, Red Hat Certified Engineer
PostgreSQL RPM Repository: http://yum.pgrpms.org
Community: devrim~PostgreSQL.org, devrim.gunduz~linux.org.tr
http://www.gunduz.org  Twitter: http://twitter.com/devrimgunduz


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