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On Wed, 2008-07-02 at 15:31 -0300, Leví Teodoro da Silva wrote:
> we want to use PostGree like the DataBase system,
> but i got some questions.

First of all: Please learn the correct spelling: It is PostgreSQL, or

> I want to know if the PostGree has limitations about the concurrent
> access, because a lot of people will access this database at the same
> time.

PostgreSQL does not force a limit on concurrent access, but it is
dependent on your hardware, network, etc.

> I want to know about the limitations, like how much memory do i have
> to use !?

It depends on the size of your database. See the link below.

> How big could be my database

Depends on your disk ;) There is no PostgreSQL limitation for that.
Well, there is a limit for tables, etc:

Devrim GÜNDÜZ,,


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