ExtenDB Enables Clustered Partitioned Postgres for Data Warehousing

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Тема: ExtenDB Enables Clustered Partitioned Postgres for Data Warehousing
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ExtenDB Beta Release Leverages Open Source for Cost-Effective Data
Warehousing and Business Intelligence

WESTBOROUGH, MA - April 5, 2005 - ExtenDB Inc, announced today the beta
release of their ExtenDB Parallel Server clustered database product,
which is targeted for data warehousing and business intelligence. The
product leverages Open Source databases while running on inexpensive
PC-based commodity hardware.

Until recently, building a data warehouse was an expensive proposition,
often requiring expensive proprietary hardware and software. The ExtenDB
Parallel Server clusters together several PC-based "nodes" in a
loosely-coupled architecture into one large virtual database. Each node
itself is running an Open Source database.

ExtenDB's database engine partitions or replicates the data amongst the
nodes, and intelligently parallelizes submitted SQL requests, achieving
near linear scalability.

ExtenDB's solution puts data warehousing within reach to many businesses
that have previously considered consolidating their data for business
intelligence to be prohibitively expensive, or for those where cost has
prevented them from adding purpose-specific data marts within their

ExtenDB is currently seeking companies that are interested in applying
for their beta program.

About ExtenDB, Inc.

ExtenDB was founded in 2002 to offer an unparalleled price/performance
value in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence by leveraging proven
Open Source database technology and low-cost, reliable PC-based
commodity hardware.

For more information, please visit

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