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On Tuesday 21 August 2001 05:30, Andy wrote:
> Where is the MX RPM ? I didn't see this in the 7.1.3 RPM, for RH 7.1 and
> also Mdk 8.0. And by the way, it was asked when I tried to install the
> PostgreSQL Python module. I know 7.1.2 RH 7.1 has this MX RPM.

The 7.1 DB-API 2.0 Python client _requires_ mx to be installed, whether from
RPM or from source.  As a stopgap measure, I uploaded a version of the mx rpm
with the last 7.1.2 RPMset.

However, I can't really provide those dependencies forever.  The mx rpm
provided in the 7.1.2 download is still ok to use.  I don't think I cleaned
it out.

Check on 'www.rpmfind.net' for an mx RPM for your distribution.

Incidentally, the older PyGreSQL module doesn't require this -- but the newer
pgdb module does.  This is not documented in the main PostgreSQL
documentation, either.

D'Arcy may be able to provide a link to where this is documented properly.

From rpmfind.net:
The mx extensions for Python are a collection of Python software tools
which enhance Python's usability in many areas.

Any OS that ships PostgreSQL 7.1.x and doesn't ship mx has a broken
PostgreSQL Python DB-API 2.0 client, AFAICT.
Lamar Owen
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