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We're using PostgreSQL 8.2.


I have a question in connection to this question posted by me earlier:


In our application, DML operations (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE) are heavily performed in a day.


I also read about pg_autovacuum & REINDEX at:


I do not want to run pg_autovacuum daemon on a busy hour.


In case, if I can afford to take my database offline at low-usage time and perform REINDEX database-wide manually/linux cron, to boost up index  performance, what is the community answer/suggestion on the following:

1.     Is it a good idea to perform this on a daily basis?

2.     Any implications of doing this on a daily basis?

3.     Is there a way to find out bloated indexes?

4.     Any other maintenance command, like ANALYZE, that has to be executed before/after REINDEX?

5.     Is there a way to find out when REINDEX was last run on an INDEX/TABLE/DATABASE?


NOTE: I've also seen from my past experience that REINDEX database-wide greatly improves performance of the application.


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