ok you all win what is best opteron (I dont want a hosed system again)

От: Joel Fradkin
Тема: ok you all win what is best opteron (I dont want a hosed system again)
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We are up and somewhat happy.


I have been following threads (in case you don’t know I bought a 4 proc Dell recently) and the Opteron seems the way to go.

I just called HP for a quote, but don’t want to make any mistakes.


Is the battery backed cache good or bad for Postgres?


They are telling me I can only get a duel channel card if I want hardware raid 10 on the 14 drives.

I can get two cards but it has to be 7 and 7 (software raid?) which does not sound like it fixes my single point of failure (one of the listers mentioned my current system has 3 such single points).


Any of you hardware gurus spell out the optimal machine (I am hoping to be around 15K, might be able to go more if it’s a huge difference, I spent 30k on the Dell).

I do not have to go HP, and after seeing the fail ratio from Monarch from one lister I am bit scared shopping there.

Was there a conclusion on where is best to get one (I really want two one for development too).



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