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Тема: Configing 8 gig box.
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Seems to be only using like 360 meg out of 7 gig free (odd thing is I did see some used swap 4k out of 1.9) with a bunch of users (this may be normal, but it is not going overly fast so thought I would ask).

Items I modified per commandprompt.coma nd watching this list etc.


shared_buffers = 24576

work_mem = 32768

max_fsm_pages = 100000

max_fsm_relations = 1500

fsync = true

wal_sync_method = open_sync

wal_buffers = 2048

checkpoint_segments = 100

effective_cache_size = 524288

default_statistics_target = 250


Any help is appreciated.




Joel Fradkin


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