EMS SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL ver. 3.3 released

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Тема: EMS SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL ver. 3.3 released
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EMS Company is pleased to announce SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL ver. 3.3
released -- the new version of the powerful PostgreSQL administration and
development tool!

You can download the latest version of SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL at:

You can purchase SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL at:

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL ver. 3.3?

Major improvements:

1. German (Michael Albrecht), Dutch (Bert Herngreen) and Portuguese Brazil
(Wilton Ruffato Wonrath and Rogerio Augusto Bassete) localizations are

2. Function editor. IN/OUT parameters support, which appeared in PostgreSQL
server 8.1, is added.

3. Copy Data to/from File wizards. CSV format support for server 8 and
higher is added.

4. Group manager and User manager can work with HTTP and SSH now.

Minor improvements and bugfixes:

1. New Editor options are added: "Trim trailing spaces", "Drag and drop
text", "Group undo", "Keep caret horizontal position".

2. Export/Import wizard. Items "Save Current Settings as Default" and "Reset
Saved Settings" are added to Templates drop-down menu.

3. Code Completion.
 - did not work for table fields
 - required the exact correspondence of the object name case
 - when opened in modal forms, did not close by clicking Esc button
The bugs are fixed now.

4. VDD. Context menu for foreign key did not open - "No argument for format"
error occurred. Fixed now.

5. Window list. Context menu is added.

6. Field Editor. Standard types, when entered in combo box for selecting the
field type, are auto-filled now.

7. Grid. Moving column to the group field did not work with SQL Filter and
SQL Sort options enabled. Fixed now.

8. Export Data wizard. Finish button which can be pushed at any step is

9. Domain Editor. It was impossible to remove domain check constraint. Fixed

10. SQL Editors.
 - dragging of the selected text downwards worked incorrectly
 - "undo" function after text dragging resulted in violation of the text
 - when going to the line number by clicking Alt+G, cursor position data in
the status line did not change
 - link did not work without the exact correspondence of the object name
The bugs are fixed now.

11. Save settings. Multi-line keyboard templates were restored empty from
the file. Fixed now.

12. Keyboard templates. #Date tag gave the wrong date. Fixed now.

13. "Don't save query text" option is added in SQL Editor.

14. View editor. Empty bars on the Data tab appeared after closing the form.
Fixed now.

15. When editing data in an updatable view 'Error while posting updates'
message emerged. Fixed now.

16. Table Editor. If toolbars were disabled, toolbars on the Data tabs of
all opened forms disappeared when closing Environment Options dialog. Fixed

17. Enabling Allow parameters in SQL (Tools tab of Environment Options
dialog) was unavailable for open Query Builder and SQL Editor widows. Fixed

18. Grid. Filtering on the value that contains an apostrophe character did
not work. Fixed now.

19. Function Debugger. For an erroneous function, an error message occurred
twice when opening. Fixed now.

20. After import the data records were shown in grid in the reverse order.
Fixed now.

21. Other small improvements and bugfixes.

What is SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL?

EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL is a powerful tool for PostgreSQL Database
Server administration and development. SQL Manager for PostgreSQL works with
any PostgreSQL versions up to 8.0 and supports all of the latest PostgreSQL
features including tablespaces, argument names in functions, and so on. It
offers plenty of powerful tools for experienced users such as Visual
Database Designer, Visual Query Builder, and powerful BLOB editor to satisfy
all their needs. SQL Manager for PostgreSQL has a new state-of-the-art
graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use
that even a newbie will not be confused with it.

We hope you'll enjoy our products.

Thanks for your attention.
EMS Software Development, LLC.

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